There is so much taking our eyes off the good that still exists here and around the world. We have to love louder than the noise that surrounds our eyes and ears. This issue of Beyond the Gates is packed full of people and organizations making a difference in the lives of people in our community.
     Isn’t that what it is all about at the end? What will our tombstone say? “Here lies someone who had everything,” or “Here lies someone who gave everything to help others”? It is our choice.
     This summer, as it slows down  our community, we challenge you to investigate a nonprofit and see what they do, what they need. It feels so much better to give than receive. If you are feeling gloomy, share you with someone else: your time, treasure or talent. See how much better you feel and the difference you make in a neighbor’s life.
     Again we thank you for your readership and your support of our mission, which involves celebrating the miracles, the kindness and the many touching stories of life, right here in your own backyard.


Journey with us as we take a fresh new approach to information delivery in a uniquely-packaged magazine, Beyond the Gates.
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