As we begin this season together, the team of Beyond the Gates invites you to consider this idea – God’s provision. These words are filled with peace and hope. Regardless of the daily trials that we face, this phrase holds His truth. God will provide. He brings spring rains, fall breezes, and balmy weather. When standing in a medical office, God can supply a whisper of hope. For those who are hungry, He sends an angel in disguise to offer food. While counting pennies for the monthly budget, He adds some where there was none. Even in the darkness of nights, when all hope seems lost, He delivers courage. 
Through sunshine or shadow, God is only a word away. The stories within this issue offer a variety of testimonies of His specific provision, even during – especially during – the hardest of times. Wherever our message may find you, know that God is able. Be encouraged. Remember, always keep your faith; prayers work and miracles really do happen.


Journey with us as we take a fresh new approach to information delivery in a uniquely-packaged magazine, Beyond the Gates.
We will infuse readers with
HOPE, INSPIRATION, ENCOURAGEMENT and INFORMATION inspired by ordinary people doing extraordinary things within our community.