Well, 2017 was a year for the record books. As a nation, we experienced leadership challenges like never seen before. The news seemed to focus on conflict, strife and loss. Locally, we had spring fires, summer flooding and Hurricane Irma. Many of us are still trying to put our lives back together, dealing with personal losses and financial challenges at the same time. One of the missions of Beyond The Gates magazine is to be the beacon of hope in the midst of trials such as these. We choose to focus on the good that is being done, celebrating our faith in God and each other. This is a strong community, and just like the phoenix, we will rise out the ashes of destruction. It is through the trust in mankind and the work that we are doing for each other that we will shine brightest. This is what we, as a team, have chosen to do – tell the inspiring stories. Our desire is to shine His light.
Celebrate this time of rebirth, regrowth and renewal. Walk through your neighborhood, take a friend to lunch, or visit a local merchant. We all need each other, and this is how we will rebuild our strength. Together, we are one – Southwest Florida strong!


Journey with us as we take a fresh new approach to information delivery in a uniquely-packaged magazine, Beyond the Gates.
We will infuse readers with
HOPE, INSPIRATION, ENCOURAGEMENT and INFORMATION inspired by ordinary people doing extraordinary things within our community.