We’re about to close another year and head into a new beginning, with the potential of a bright and fresh start. What does that look like for you? The holiday season calls attention to the many needs within our community: helping those with less or helping those who may have lost their way.
       We have several amazing stories in this edition, along with tips on how to live healthier, happier lives. They all seem to have a common denominator: Love. Love louder. Our mind, body, spirit and soul are all connected. The way we live affects our own being tremendously and can also positively change others.
       What if in 2017 more of us took part in helping the least, the last and the lost? What would that look like in our community if more people truly loved louder than all the noise of today? You can make a difference in someone’s life by a simple act of kindness. Share your time, talent or treasure. In the end, your life will be transformed along the way.
Let’s challenge each other, challenge our community to step out there. Let’s make a difference today.
       Wishing you a happy and healthy 2017.


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