Journey with us as we take a fresh new approach to information delivery in a uniquely-packaged magazine, Beyond the Gates.
We will infuse readers with
HOPE, INSPIRATION, ENCOURAGEMENT and INFORMATION inspired by ordinary people doing extraordinary things within our community.


    Life, as much as we would like it to be, isn’t always lollipops and rainbows. However, there is a hope available to all who believe. A hope that gives us strength when we have none; a hope that carries us when we can’t walk; a hope that is there for all if we just trust and believe. Have faith that there is light in the darkness. In this edition we share stories of hope from our neighbors who have been there. They have experienced the journey firsthand full of speed bumps and detours:  financial worries, strained relationships, crumbling marriages, medical complications and unfulfilled dreams.
God, our creator, never intended or designed us to carry these hurts on our own. He wants us to turn to Him when we are broken and life doesn’t seem fair. He promises to carry our burdens and make life easier. Through faith and prayer, life’s heartaches are easier to bear. Fellow believers can also help lighten the load. They can provide a listening ear, godly counsel and words of encouragement when things seem bleak. Faithful friends walk beside us, holding us up as we work through the situation. These stories are testimonies of a few who have walked through life trials of various kinds. They share a common thread: a faith in God. As each faced unforeseen circumstances, they leaned on God and His promises. For them, as it is for many others, their challenges ended in victory and serve as testimonies of God’s favor.