This issue shares stories of that nature; an accident, a heart desire, a searching, and even a bit of tragedy. Stories, that if they stopped there, could leave us sad and looking for answers. But, for the people sharing their journeys, that moment was just the beginning. You see, each person clung to or found God in the midst of turmoil. Instead of looking around at the situation, they looked up, into the face of God, the Provider of hope and salvation.
By leaning into God, the perspective of each situation changed. Time and people became more precious, a look or a touch more meaningful. Prayer, communication with God, was the constant. Did this make the specifics of the situation change? No, not necessarily; but the heart did. Hope, courage, and bravery are often born out of difficult times because that is where we tend to grow the most. 
As you read the stories shared in these pages, be encouraged. A difficult situation does not have to define you. You were not designed to journey through life or carry burdens alone. Our God is a God of hope and peace. Reach out and reach up; He is right there.

Remember, always keep your faith, prayers work
and miracles really do happen.