Welcome friends to our newest issue of Beyond the Gates magazine. We are so glad that you picked up a copy and hope that you will be blessed and encouraged by all the stories you find on its pages. The previous year was difficult for many; every month seemed to bring new surprises. December 31st could not come soon enough.
And just like that, here we are; a new beginning - a fresh start. We overcame many challenges to celebrate the dawn of a brighter future. 2020 definitely taught us that we are stronger than our circumstances. We were rebuffed on all sides, yet God gave us the strength to withstand the storm. Faith became our #1 tool for overcoming the trials and infused us with the power to transform our hearts, minds, and spirits. Even when we seemed to be picking up the pieces of everyday life, we learned that God could make masterpieces with those fragments – if we let Him.
In these pages, you will find stories of healing and hope. For some, there were moments when faith felt like a thread that they grasped tightly. Others embraced their life’s portions and tapped into God’s miraculous love – leaning into Him when there was no one else.
As you read about these life-shaping experiences, know that the same is possible for you. When you lean into God and accept His love, you can lay down the weights of yesterday to embrace the promises of tomorrow. Regardless of your life story, you can have a year with a light heart and a mind at peace. With God all things are possible.
Remember, always keep your faith, prayers work
and miracles really do happen.