Welcome friends to the latest edition of Beyond the Gates magazine. Doesn’t it seem like it was just yesterday that we were hanging the 2021 calendar? We blinked and suddenly 2022 is upon us! In some ways, many of us couldn’t wait for the year to end, yet there were moments that we wanted to hang onto forever.
Life was sometimes difficult, yet God remained faithful in those hard times. Neighbors and friends came at exactly the right time. It was as if their help was divinely ordained. Our Abba Father also provided sweet moments of restoration and joy. His perfect timing has always been so much better than ours.
Several of the stories that unfold within these pages relate to God’s provision and protection. Others bring to light the compassion of those in our community who work tirelessly to meet the needs of others. There is so much good to be shared. Even when things seem dark, there is always hope. Those of us at Beyond the Gates magazine pray that you take the time to look for the good in people. Be sure to count your blessings. While life will bring trouble, the blessings and sweet memories make life worth living.
Remember, always keep your faith, prayers work
and miracles really do happen.